Joinery Workshop

About this department

When our co-Founders began the journey to what Next Steps Development is today, the Joinery Workshop was the main focus. The team were all taught invaluable skills, starting from the very beginning.


Each individual was shown tools, starting from the most basic, and gaining confidence with these, before moving to the next step. Eventually, those that have the confidence are able to move on to use some of the more powerful tools.

We pair certification both inhouse and AQA to go alongside these new found skills, so they gain qualifications. These can be as simple and 'naming 5 tools and their uses'  building up to the more complex and detailed. We work with the individual and help them achieve the best of their ability.

The team we have are able to make almost anything that the customer desires. Some of our more experience students are now able to train the newer individuals which makes us so proud.

The workshop makes bespoke products for the customers and working closely with them designing, discussing and crafting the desired masterpiece. Each item is produced with hard work and dedication. The team takes great pride in seeing the customers receive their product finished exactly as they like it.


If you enjoy practical work and are keen to learn new skills this may be the place for you. We will work with you closely to ensure you learn at your own pace, in the exact way you learn best. You will learn to see a project through from talking to the customer, all the way through to the finished product.  We can also help you learn general skills for being at work, for example, getting reading for work, having the right equipment, following instructions and staying organised.

Our knowledgeable team members will guide you whilst you learn a variety of building methods, construction technology and health and safety. You can apply these real life skills in your own home DIY projects that can lead onto securing employment in this trade.  

"Next Steps is the only place that has ever accepted me for me. I have done things, I never thought I could ever do. I would really recommend it to anyone, it saved me!" 

Rob, Peer to Peer Mentor