Other Services

Our Charity, Next Steps Development has grown a lot, particularly in the last year. For that reason we had to look at the best way forward to continue as we expand which is where our new services were born. Next Steps Development remains to be our Charity which is based at Vicarage Lawn and includes the Farm. Our Trading Arms of the charity include : Next Steps @ Bideford and Next Steps @ Barnstaple.

Next Steps @ Bideford is located on Honestone Street, Bideford. It hopes to mirror the opportunities we have at Next Steps Development but for Bideford.

Next Steps @ Barnstaple is made up of The Nook Cafe, located at Mermaid Cross and our 2nd Chance Charity Shops. 

We are in the process of getting Next Steps @ Bideford ready for work to commence. We hope that we will be able to offer a Woodwork Shop, Graphics and Media Department and Car Maintenance very soon, with lots more opportunities to follow.

All our services are united in offering employment and training opportunities for adults with additional needs.

"The Next Steps Family is wonderfully unique at what they do, so it's really exciting to see the team growing and the services we offer expanding, I feel very proud to be a part of Next Steps' expanding opportunities"


Tom Gleeson- Community Development Officer 

Other Services from Next Steps