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Lesley Glover

Lesley is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and specialises in Anxiety and Stress. I have successfully published a children's book (Tales from Down on the Farm, Bedtime Stories for Anxious Children) to help them overcome difficulties in finding confidence or coping with change. I also use my horses in helping people overcome their personal issues, by combining my knowledge of horses and the techniques I have learnt as a hypnotherapist, to bring together a very powerful and life enhancing session. Equine assisted therapy is now becoming more recognised as a tool to help many problems, especially confidence and self esteem issues. It is also being used in cases of post traumatic shock. Horses are great calming influences and help us in numerous and amazing ways.

For more information or to book a session follow the link below:

Donna Squires

Donna is the parent of one of our learners, Jack. Jack has complex needs which requires round the clock care, as a parent it's important for Next Steps to learn from the Parents and Carers of the young people we work with.

Although Donna is very busy she is a valuable Assistant Manager at our Charity Shop, Friends of Next Steps Development, 52 Boutport Street and she always manages to support and plan any events that we have going on.

Ruth Richardson

Ruth is passionate about teaching and believes that to help every individual achieve, learning should be fun, inspiring and rewarding.

She offers:

One to One - Individualised programme of improving reading and writing skills for children & young adults who, for whatever reason (emotional/learning/cognitive) have struggled to learn to acquire these vital skills. Completely individual programme based on your child’s needs/ability/learning style.

Groups - Reading & writing for children who have struggled to acquire literacy skills, for whatever reason, or for children who are home-schooled. My approach is empatic to children’s needs, creative, purposeful & fun.

My work is also aimed at children who are home schooled or excluded from mainstream, ages 4-10.

Children who have SEN (e.g dyslexia, ASC/D etc) including those with emotional and /or behavioural barriers to learning. To contact Ruth on facebook see @AccessLiteracy or e mail

Sarah Poyser

Sarah is a busy mum to five girls and has 2 beautiful grandchildren, she is the owner of her own parcel delivery business based in Barnstaple.

Sarah is the Centre manager at Next Steps and works hard to keep everything running smoothly whilst continuing to push the growth of the organisation over the different sites we have had the pleasure of acquiring in our short time.

You can contact Sarah for more information on

Kizzy Angell

Kizzy is a key support worker at Next Steps and helps support our team in any role that is necessary, despite her own illness shes always there when we need her, if not physically shes always at the end of the phone.

Kizzy works tirelessly with the homeless and supports them as a Big Issue Distributor, but always goes above and beyond the call of duty if someone needs help or advice,

 for any further information see her facebook page @GYOSOUL