About us

Who are Next Steps Development?

Did you know that the inspiration for Next Steps Development came from our co-Founders' son, Josh and if it wasn't for him, there may never have been a Next Steps?! Our co-founders, Louise Bensley; Chief Executive and Lee Bensley; Construction Manager (Josh's parents) were looking for a suitable place for Josh to go once he finished education.


Josh was born with a rare Chromosome disorder which has resulted in a variety of conditions and illnesses that have and will effect him throughout his life.  It soon became apparent to Louise and Lee that Josh's options post-education were limited and together they found the inspiration and the drive to create Next Steps Development.

Louise and Lee wanted somewhere for Josh to attend, and others alike, to learn new skills, get given more opportunities and make lifelong friends which is what they have created and so much more.

Having parents of an individual with complex and varied needs at the heart of the charity means they have a deep understanding of what other parents, guardians or the individuals themselves are experiencing. This personal passion has enabled  Louise and Lee to gather together like minded individuals for their board of trustees and support staff.

"If I could go to the shop and pick the perfect, caring and compassionate family, it ticks every box. It's a family that is getting bigger and better by the week. Next Steps Development is not a job, its a way of life and I feel blessed to work alongside each and every individual"  Lee Bensley, co-Founder, Construction Manager and Father. 

Here at Next Steps Development it is our aim to provide employment and training opportunities for individuals with multi-abilities and complex needs. 

Agriculture and animal welfare,

Graphics and media,


Wood joinery and carpentry,

Hospitality and cooking

Life skills