Next Steps Development

Registered Charity: 1182222

St. George's House, St. George's Road, Barnstaple, Devon EX32 7AS

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There at the shop we have a laser room run by team leader Ben and our service users. The detail is in the title, laser work is what the team does.

Inside the laser room, The team take the freshly made products and apply their laser work skills on to the wooden products that are designed and created up at the workshop.

In this stage of the products creation the trusted team are in charge with adding that little more detail that the customer wants, be it a piece of text, personalised details or a little image of a dog playing around on the side of the product, if it is any of those then this team has you covered.




Our laser shop offers you the opportunity to learn a unique skill!

Get creative with various design software and learn how to safely and accurately operate these amazing machines. If you enjoy art and like coming up with new ideas, this could be ideal for you.